Armed Bystander Shoots And Kills Armed Robber At Dollar General In Memphis

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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — According to reports from the Memphis Police Department, an incident occurred at a Dollar General store on Winchester Road where an individual involved in a robbery was fatally shot. This event took place on a Tuesday morning, approximately at 10:30 a.m., at the address 6770 Winchester Road.

The situation unfolded when three individuals, armed and attempting to rob the store, entered the premises. During this attempted robbery, an individual who was not involved in the robbery engaged with the suspects, discharging a firearm. As a result, one of the robbers was struck by a bullet and subsequently succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.

Of the remaining suspects, one was apprehended by the police at the location, while the other suspect is still not captured. As of now, no legal charges have been filed in relation to this incident.

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