AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: NC Omnibus Elections

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Call-to-Action Spotlight: NC Omnibus Elections Bill Amendment

Working with the North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT) and other groups, AMAC members helped to successfully amend an important bill to include key election integrity provisions. These provisions were left out of a previous bill as the legislation made its way through the process.

AMAC member advocates made over 22,000 contacts for North Carolina state legislators telling them to put these important provisions back into the final version of the bill.

Thanks in part to AMAC Action advocates, the following key election integrity provisions were included in the bill’s final version:

  • The ban of private funding of elections
  • Retention of all election records for 22 months
  • Removal of non-citizens from our voter rolls
  • Treatment of early voting locations in the same manner as precincts on election day
  • The requirement for all ballots to be received by election day


Jim Womack, President of NCEIT, expressed his gratitude for the grassroots advocacy done by AMAC Action advocates:

“Because AMAC was aligned with the work with the North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT), we were able to counter the formidable efforts of the state board of elections, county election directors, and leftist organizations who were aligned to oppose measures that would strengthen election integrity in our state. We will forever owe AMAC a debt of gratitude for mustering conservative voices in defense of free and fair elections.”


Our newest call-to-action is in support of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Recent revelations in Congress have raised significant questions about whether Joe Biden has been engaged in criminal misconduct and lied to the American people about his business dealings with his son Hunter and other members of the Biden family.

Calls-to action are still active to oppose California SB 596, opposing the confirmation of General Charles Brown as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the JP Morgan Chase assault on civil rights.

Meet & Greets

AMAC members in Minnesota’s 7th district attended a Meet & Greet with Minnesota State Representative (District 1A) John Burkel, President of TakeCharge MN and former Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls, and Sheila Qualls, Executive Director of TakeCharge MN and reporter for Alpha News.

Chapter Meetings

In CA-10, AMAC members discussed getting through difficult financial times; Colorado State Representative (District 15) Scott Bottoms presented a state legislative update at the meeting in CO-05; and in MI-10 Patrice Johnson, Chair of Pure Integrity Michigan Elections, gave an update on the Michigan State fair elections fight and how her organization is helping restore election integrity.

American Conservatism: Concise Guide to Conservatism by Russell Kirk

Chapter 7 – Conservatives and Just Government

Russell Kirk correctly asserts, “Justice, order, and freedom are dependent upon a satisfactory balance between governmental authority and private rights.”

Generally, in the view of conservatives, government is a necessary good as long as it is just, constitutional, balanced, and limited. In calamitous times, the thinking conservative upholds the prerogatives of just government but in times of collectivism, centralization, and the consolidation of political power, the thinking conservative champions the defense of the individual as opposed to the state.

From colonial times to the present, two fundamental principles have taken form in our political system:

1) Men and women have a natural right to make their own decisions. 2) Our Republic should be a nation characterized by government power chiefly being held in the hands of local and state authorities.

Kirk states, “We [Americans] never have embraced the theory that a centralized democracy, a democracy without constitutional limitation, can be a just and free government. Our government has worked well because its policies have been concerted by little groups of private citizens, making their choices locally and then influencing national action through their constituted representatives.”

Next week: Chapter Eight – Conservatives and Private Property

Quote of the Week

“The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.”

    ― Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, American statesman, lawyer, architect, philosopher, third President of the United States, 1788


Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Advocate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected].

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