Survival Common Sense: Is this the best bushcraft/survival belt knife?

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I really like the traditional Canadian knife designs. I’ve been using variations for years. I love my C.T. Fischer custom Nessmuk, which is a cousin of the Canadian, and my go-to-skinning knife is a Forschner five-inch sheep skinner pattern. A Cold Steel Canadian had performed well for me.

When you pick up a Canadian, the humpback blade looks and feels unusual until you start to use it. Then you’ll find the drop point is just right for field dressing big game, cleaning fish or whittling sticks.

All Canadian design knives are influenced by the concept of the Canadian “Crooked knife.” The original design was probably a standard butcher knife, modified to have a hump on the spine and a drop point. Variations of this design were probably around many years before the first commercial knives were put on the market some 50 years ago.

Long term readers of mine will remember that I hate the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife. While I am a fan of many Cold Steel models, I have never held a more “lifeless” knife in my hand than their CBK. I don’t own a Bark River CBK, but I have handled one and it is a nice knife. I really should add one to the collection…

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