KnifeNews: Vosteed Thunderbird Brings Trek Lock and Multiple Deployment Methods

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Vosteed’s latest design is rolling out in a small batch later today. The Thunderbird sees the team at Vosteed building a new, multipurpose knife around their patented Trek Lock mechanism.

3.25 inches: it’s one of those golden numbers in the everyday carry knife world. When you see something in this size you know, more than likely, you’re going to get an EDC knife with expanded capabilities, but with an overall profile that is still highly pocketable. The M390 super steel used on the Thunderbird isn’t the newest recipe (it even has an updated sequel, M398), but, given that we’ve entered a golden age in terms of steel options at all price points, even steels that aren’t the latest and greatest are still pretty great, and so M390 can still hang in the enthusiast tier in terms of performance as far as we’re concerned.

Available in Elmax, one of my favorite steels. And designed by Yue Dong, a buddy of mine. I need to get him to send us some giveaways.

Vosteed Thunderbird Brings Trek Lock and Multiple Deployment Methods



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