KnifeNews: Hungarian Knife Maker Kornel Kiss Crafts EDC Kukri Fixed Blade

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Hungary’s Kornel Kiss, self-described “welterweight semi-professional knife designer,” has a fixed blade twofer on the way from the ever-prolific Boker. The Boker Plus Makri and Mikri repurpose the kukri blade shape into a compact, generalized EDC concept.

Let’s begin with the Makri, which is the smaller of the two with a blade length of 2.8 inches. The shape is pronouncedly kukrioid; anybody who knows their knife history will recognize the dogleg bend in the spine and the bulbous forward recurve. Typically associated with outdoors bushwork, a kukri is an unconventional choice for a knife described as an everyday carry, but it makes sense after further thought. With its different edge geometries it should check the box for anyone who wants to expand their EDC’s capabilities beyond the standard stuff – and, on top of that, the Makri can still comfortably flex into some outdoors roles, too.

Lots of different makers have experimented with small EDC-type kukris. I understand the potential leverage benefits, but the lack of weight ignores the chopping ability of the kukri blade.

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Hungarian Knife Maker Kornel Kiss Crafts EDC Kukri Fixed Blade


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