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When word started to go around that Schradewas undergoing a revival after a buy-out from Smith & Wesson’s subsidiary Battenfeld Technologies, my optimism ran high.  After all, Schrade is a storied brand – with roots dating back to 1904 in New York, the brand had a solid century of history in the US before they declared bankruptcy in 2004 and were bought out by Taylor Brands.  After turning the previously storied name into a fairly sad state of affairs, the brand being bought out again in 2016 meant there was potential for some good products to surface again.

When Schrade announced a slew of new products in February of 2022, it included dividing the product line up into three tiers – entry level Delta class knives, upgraded Beta class knives (with nicer handles and better steel like D2), and the top-of-the-line Alpha class knives.  These Alpha class knives are all high-end materials and made in the USA, including the dramatic looking Radokfolder with its forged carbon handles, aggressive Wharncliffe blade and sculpted clip.  After I reviewed the Radok I was left with the impression that it was a knife designed to look good, not necessarily work well.  It has a lot of nice materials and features and none of it particularly worked well together, from the iffy build quality to the sometimes painful ergonomics and really terrible pocket clip.

Key Specs: Schrade Truix

Locking Mechanism-Pivot Lock

Deployment Mechanism-Thumb Stud

I had higher hopes for the Truix, which sits below the Radok in the Alpha line.  It’s a lot more conventional – No weird clip, no strange sci-fi blade shape, it’s not as huge and bulky and frankly unattractive as its more expensive brother.  Make no mistake, the Truix is a better knife than the Radok, but it’s still not a good one.  It is another relatively pricey knife that’s let down by a slew of missed details and quality issues.  It gets closer to being good than the Radok, but still not close enough to recommend it.

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