The Latest Rifle and Handgun Ammo From the 2024 SHOT Show


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Everyone gets excited about new guns, but it’s ammunition that fuels the shooting passion. Different and diverse loads are what allow us to maximize what we do with our guns, whether they’re new or old. With the beginning of each new year and the annual SHOT Show, I am always most excited to see what new ammunition will be introduced.

Like over the past few years, new loads for long-range performance are still trendy, but this year looks to be one of the more diverse in terms of new and improved ammo. We’ve got a couple of new rimfire loads, several new handgun shotshell and hunting loads, new options for classic rifle cartridges, and there’s even something for antique Nitro Express dangerous game cartridges. Here are all the new rifle and handgun ammo to look out for this year.

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New Rifle and Handgun Ammo for 2024

Browning 28 Nosler Loads

Browning released two new 28 Nosler loads at the 2024 SHOT Show. Browning

The 7mm PRC is one of the hottest new rifle cartridges, but when it comes to velocity, it doesn’t compare to the 28 Nosler, and Browning has two new loads for this screamer. The first joins their other 14 loads in the MaxPoint line, and it’s loaded in nickel-plated cases with a 140-grain poly-tipped bullet zipping along at 3350 fps. The second load is for their Silver Series line, and it features a heavier 175-grain classic soft point bullet at 3100 fps. This load delivers 3734 foot-pounds of energy, which is more than any other Browning Silver Series load in any chambering.

Buffalo Bore Mauser Cartridges

Buffalo Bore is offering three new 8×57 loads and two new 9.3×62 loads. Buffalo Bore

Buffalo Bore offers a variety of loads for cartridges older than your average shooter, like the 32 Winchester Special and the 348 Winchester. But some of the most recent additions to the Buffalo Bore rifle cartridge lineup are for the 8×57 and the 9.3×62 Mauser. There are three 8×57 Mauser loads that include a 150-, 195-, or 200-grain bullet, and all use a 0.323-caliber bullet. But make sure you know your 8×57 because some early 8x57s had a 0.318-caliber bore and used 0.318-caliber bullets. There are also two new 9.3×62 Mauser loads. One uses the common 286-grain Spitzer bullet, and the other a 250-grain Barnes TSX bullet. Prices range from around $55 to $82 per box of 20.

Buffalo Bore Nitro Express Ammunition

Buffalo Bore will be offering two new loads for the 577 Nitro Express and four new loads for the 600 Nitro. Buffalo Bore

With Buffalo Bore owner Tim Sundles now dividing his time between Idaho and Africa, he’s been testing some of the old Nitro cartridges on some of the biggest and nastiest animals around. And now Buffalo Bore will be offering two new loads for the 577 Nitro Express. One is loaded with a 750-grain Cutting Edge flat nose solid bullet, and the other with a 750-grain Barnes TSX bullet, both at a velocity of 2050 fps and producing nearly 7000 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

For the 600 Nitro, there are four new loads, and all use either a 900-grain flat nose solid or semi-spitzer bullet. They’re loaded to either the 100- or 110-grain cordite equivalent. Nitro Express ammo is hard to find and not cheap. Prices start at $199 for five-round packs.

CCI 10mm Pest Control Shotshell

CCI’s new shotshell handgun loads are ideal for pest management. CCI

Outdoorsmen have long relied on CCI shotshells to help alleviate pests around the farm and take care of snakes you don’t want to get too close to. Currently, CCI offers 10-round boxes of centerfire pistol shotshells for the 9mm, 38SPL/357 MAG, 40 S&W, 44 SPL/44 MAG, 45 Auto, and 45 Colt. Now they’ve added the 10mm, and it’s loaded with 105 grains of snake shredding #9 shot. A 10-round box should retail for about $27. CCI also now has shotshell loads for the 9mm, 38SPL/357 MAG, 40 S&W, 44 SPL/44 MAG, 45 Auto, and 45 Colt, which are loaded with lead-free HEVI-Bismuth pellets. Prices for these range from $25.99 to $32.99 for a box of 10.

CCI UpperCut 22 LR

The newest 22 LR rimfire from CCI features a 32-grain copper jacketed hollow point bullet. CCI

This 22 LR rimfire load from CCI is intended to be a self-defense load for semi-auto pistols with barrels between 2.5 and 4 inches. The 32-grain copper jacketed hollow point bullet is designed to upset with a wide frontal diameter and to retain its weight. The load has an advertised velocity of 950 fps out of these short-barrel pistols and should penetrate between eight and 10 inches. CCI is not claiming the 22 LR is ideal for self-defense, but for those who want to use it, this looks like a good option. With the terminal performance this load offers, it also looks to be great for a 22 LR trail gun. Shooters can purchase 50-round boxes for $12.99.

Doubletap DT Snake Shot

This new revolver load from Doubletap includes #9 shot backed up by a hardcast wascutter bullet. Doubletap

A revolver loaded with snake shot is a great tool for dispatching venomous snakes or for dealing with barn rats. The problem is that folks carrying revolvers in the outdoors usually like to have them loaded with real bullets, just in case. Doubletap has solved this with 20-round boxes of DT Snake Shot loads for the 32 H&R Magnum, 38 Special, 41 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 45 Colt, and 500 S&W Magnum. These loads are filled with #9 shot, but behind all that shot is a hardcast wadcutter bullet. The #9 shot will give 2 to 3 inches of penetration on twisty critters and rats, while the wadcutter bullet will push to about 8 inches just in case you need to shoot something more substantial.

Tipped Federal Fusion

Federal has added nine new loads with a tipped Fusion bullet that will fly flatter and retain energy better. Federal

Federal Fusion ammunition has a stellar reputation with hunters because the Fusion bullet, with its core molecularly bonded to its jacket, allows the bullet to upset with a wide frontal diameter and retain most of its weight for deep penetration. Federal has taken that technology and introduced nine new loads with a tipped Fusion bullet. Terminal performance will not change, but with their higher ballistic coefficients, these bullets will fly flatter, retain energy better, and deliver improved accuracy at extended ranges. One of these is even a subsonic 190-grain load for the 300 Blackout. Prices range from around $45 to $82 per box of 20.

Federal HammerDown 360 Buckhammer

The new 360 Buckhammer Hammerdown will be sold in a 220-grain bullet—ideal for lever action rifles. Federal

There’s now a 360 Buckhammer HammerDown load with a 220-grain bullet. HammerDown ammunition is ideally configured for traditional lever action rifles because the nickel-pated cases with the chamfer on the leading edge of the cartridge rim cycle through lever guns smoothly. Also, with the bullet cores molecularly bonded to the jackets, the bullets have been optimally tuned to deliver great terminal performance at traditional lever gun impact velocities. Federal introduced the 360 Buckhammer HammerDown load before its ballistic twin, the 35 Remington. Though the 35 Remington will hang around, the straightwall compatibility of the 360 Buckhammer makes it more appealing.

Hornady ELD V-Match

These new ELD V-Match bullets are made to thrive at ultra-high velocities. Hornady

Hornady is now loading their sleek ELD-VT bullets in a line of ammunition called ELD V-Match. These bullets share the high ballistic coefficient, heat resistant tip, and flat flying characteristics common to all ELD bullets, but they’ve been engineered to thrive at ultra-high velocity and deliver violent expansion. Initially, Hornady will be offering five ELD V-Match loads. There’s an 80-grain load for the 6mm ARC and 6mm Creedmoor, a 100-grain load for the 6.5 Grendel and 6.5 Creedmoor, and a 62-grain load for their new 22 ARC cartridge. Ballistic data and prices have not been finalized yet.

Lehigh Defense Tipped Maximum Expanding

A 20-round box of this lead-free bullet chambered in 308 Winchester sells for $73. Lehigh Defense

Since Lehigh Defense was acquired by Wilson Combat last year, Wilson Combat has been working to maximize the big game effectiveness of several Lehigh Defense bullets. One that’s just been perfected is the Maximum Expansion (ME) bullet for centerfire rifle cartridges. This is a premium, lead-free bullet that retains its weight and will upset with a frontal diameter of more than twice that of the unfired bullet. Currently, Lehigh Defense is offering a 155-grain load for the 308 Winchester that will exceed 2700 fps from a 16-inch barrel, making it ideal for suppressed hunting. A box of 20 retails for $72.95, and loaded ammunition for other popular big game hunting cartridges are in the works.

Remington Premier CuT

Remington has introduced a line of tipped all-copper big game hunting ammunition. For its description and brand, Remington just took the copper symbol “Cu” from the periodic table and added a “T” to represent the polymer tip these bullets wear. CuT ammunition is designed to deliver great accuracy and terminal performance at practical hunting ranges. The tip increases aerodynamic efficiency, and the copper alloy bullet delivers high weight retention with deep lead-free penetration. Initial offerings include the 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, 300 Winchester Magnum, and the 6.5, 7mm, and 300 PRC. Prices will range from $55 to $89 for 20 rounds.

Remington Core-Lokt Handgun

Remington released their first-ever handgun hollow point Core-Lokt bullets this year. Remington

For more than 75 years, hunters have trusted Remington Core-Lokt bullets for big game hunting. Now, handgun hunters can learn to do the same because Remington introduced four handgun hunting loads utilizing a hollow point Core-Lokt bullet. These bullets are designed to give Core-Lokt-like terminal performance from semi-auto and revolver hunting handguns and will be offered for the 357 Magnum, 41 and 44 Remington Magnum, and the 10mm Auto. Prices will range from $41 and $53 per 20-round box.

Remington Rimfire Loads

The Remington 22 LR Ranch Hand loads will be sold in 50 round boxes for $12 and 550 round boxes for $55. Remington

Remington is also introducing two rimfire loads. The first is their Ranch Hand load, and Remington claims it’s their most reliable 22 LR load to date. Ranch Hand ammo is loaded with copper-plated bullets with either a hollow point or round nose profile, and 50-round boxes will retail for around $13. The other rimfire load is the Golden Hunter, which features a 40-grain plated hollow point bullet at an advertised 1255 fps. The bullet has been optimized to upset in a controlled manner and to deliver ideal penetration at practical 22 LR hunting ranges. It will be available in 50- ($11.99) or 550-round ($54.99) boxes.

Underwood Ammunition’s 45-70 Load

Underwood Ammunition’s new 45-70 Government loads are both nickel-plated and use flash suppressant powder. Underwood Ammunition

The 45-70 Government cartridge has been around for a century and a half, but Underwood doesn’t care that it’s an antique. Nor should they because the 45-70 gets more popular every year. For 2024, Underwood is offering two 45-70 loads utilizing the 300-grain Hornady Interlock bullet. The first is a standard pressure load at 2100 fps, and the other is a +P load at 2350 fps. Both are loaded in nickel-plated cases, both utilize flash suppressant powder and at the muzzle, you have your choice between 2937 or 3678 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. These loads are not for your old trapdoor 45-70, but they’ll make a modern lever gun rock. Prices range from $46 to $47 per box of 20.

New 400 Legend Loads from Winchester

Winchester introduced two new 400 Legend loads at the 2024 SHOT Show. Winchester

For those straightwall cartridge aficionados who have fallen in love with the new 400 Legend, Winchester has something special. They’ve introduced two 400 Legend loads, and the first is in their Deer Season XP line. It’s loaded with a 190-grain polymer-tipped Xtreme Point bullet at 2400 fps. The second is in Winchester’s Super Suppressed line, which is, of course, optimized for use in suppressed firearms, and it features a 300-grain open-tipped bullet loaded at subsonic velocities. Prices for boxes of 20 should run between $25 and $40.

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