Remington Announces New Shotshell Ammunition

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Remington Ammunition has officially announced its highly anticipated 2024 shotshell line with new products catering to the needs of clay target enthusiasts, wingshooters, and fans of the 410.      

“Big Green’s shotshell team is hard at work making all your old favorite loads,” said Remington’s Shotshell Product Line Manager Ronnie Evans. “But we’re not resting on our laurels, we’ve developed new ammo with the most avid sporting clays competitors, upland junkies, waterfowl hunters, and 410 enthusiasts in mind.”

Nitro Pigeon

Remington’s Nitro Pigeon loads are specifically engineered to accurately take down fast rising pigeons, doves, and upland game. Maximizing your shell’s pattern, velocity and consistency, Nitro Pigeon’s Premier quality ensures fewer birds lost and more in your bag – in the field or competition.

SKU / Description / MSRP

28681 / 12 gauge, 2 ¾”, 1-1/4oz. 7.5 Shot 1230 FPS / MSRP $23.99

Low Decibel

Reducing recoil and noise without sacrificing clay-busting patterns, Big Green’s Low Decibel shotshell boasts a muzzle velocity of only 650 FPS. Designed for both semi-auto and break-open action 410 shotguns, Low Decibel helps any age shooter break clays with less recoil and noise.

SKU / Description / MSRP

R20740 / 410 Bore, 2 1/2”, 1/2oz, 9 Shot 650 FPS / MSRP $26.99

Premier Nitro Sporting Clays

With its ultra-consistent velocities and pattern uniformity, Remington Premier Nitro Sporting Clays has become a fixture at the highest levels of the competition sporting clay world. Available in seven loads, including a brand new 2024 line extension.

SKU / Description / MSRP

R20132 / 12 gauge, 2 ¾”, 1oz, 7.5 Shot 1290 FPS / MSRP $17.99

Nitro-Steel Duplex

Nitro-Steel Duplex is taking the waterfowl world by storm. Remington’s deadly Duplex Duel Shot blend hits hard near or far. By combining trusted Nitro-Steel velocity with two different sizes of shot for any-range patterns, duck and geese don’t stand a chance.

Available in four 12GA, 3” 1 ¼” oz loads, including 2×4 shot, 2×6, BBx4 and BBx2. MSRP $40.99.

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