New Binary Firing System® for Stribog SP9 from Franklin Armory®

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Franklin Armory®, Inc., one of America’s most innovative manufacturers of firearms and accessories announced today the company will begin taking orders at SHOT Show 2024 for its new Binary® trigger for the Grand Power Stribog SP9. Engineered with Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System® (BFS™), the new SP-S1 Binary® trigger kit is designed to easily drop into both the A1 and A3 models of Grand Power’s popular Stribog SP9 series of firearms.

Franklin Amory’s patented Binary Firing System® is a three-position selectable trigger: Position One, safe; Position Two, semiautomatic; Position Three, Binary®. In Binary® mode, a single round is fired when the trigger is pulled and a single round is fired when the trigger is released. One of the revered safety features incorporated into all Franklin Armory BFS™ triggers is the ability to cancel the release round. To cancel the release round on SP-S1, simply move the ambidextrous selector paddle located on either side of the receiver from Binary® position to the “semi” or “safe” position before releasing the trigger.

SHOT Show 2024 attendees are encouraged to learn more about the new BFS™ SP-S1 by visiting Franklin Armory’s booth (#20349) and test firing Franklin Armory’s line of Binary® triggers at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range (Bay SR-38). Additional information about how Franklin Armory’s BFS™ works can be viewed in the video: “Why Binary® is Better.”

MSRP for Franklin Armory’s SP-S1 Binary® trigger is $499.99.

For more information about SP-S1 and other innovative Franklin Armory products like the newly announced G-S223 and G-S173 Binary® trigger and slide kits for Glock® 22 and Glock® 17, visit and follow the organization on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. To inquire about testing and evaluation for SP-S1, please email [email protected].

About Franklin Armory®

Safeguarding the God-given right to protect self and property is Franklin Armory’s enduring mission. From the “Battle Born” State of Nevada, the firm engineers and manufactures quality firearms and accessories for sporting, defense, and law enforcement applications. Highly adept at creating innovative products and using 100% American made parts and materials, the People of Franklin Armory are genuine Facilitators of Freedom™.

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