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Experience Ultimate Accuracy with Hawke’s Wide Range of Crossbow Optics

Hawke® Optics, a worldwide leader in quality sporting optics with outstanding performance in the field at an optimum value for the consumer, has a full line of outstanding scopes to fit every crossbow. The XB30 Line is built to be clear, bright, durable, and precise.

“We have been on the forefront of crossbow optics from the very beginning of the modern crossbow revolution,” said Kevin Sheehan, Hawke Optics VP of Sales & Marketing. “The result is the XB30 line – Compact crossbow scopes that provide superior accuracy for any crossbow, including today’s high-powered, small package crossbows. We didn’t invent crossbow optics, but we certainly have them perfected.”

The secret to Hawke’s XB30 Crossbow Scopes is the specialized reticles developed to match the speed of any crossbow with speeds from 215 to 475 fps. The reticles have distance aim points that are calibrated to match the crossbow ballistics. The speed-selector magnification ring can be adjusted to match the speed of the bow.

The new XB30 2-7x32mm SR scope is built on a 30mm chassis. It is calibrated from 280-440fps using the XB30SR reticle with red/green illuminated aim points that represent 1.5 inches across at their respective distances out to 60 yards when on 425 fps (5x magnification) only. It has a field of view of 53.8 – 17.4ft at 100 yards.

The XB30 Compact 1.5-6X36 SR crossbow scope is also built on a 30mm main tube. It uses the XB30 Compact SR Reticle that provides aim points from 20 to 100 yards with 5-yard marks. The 10-yard aim points incorporate windage bars and dots to compensate for 10 mph and 20 mph crosswinds. It works for crossbow speeds from 250 fps up to 450 fps. It has a fixed parallax and a field of view of 87.9 to 21.9ft at 100 yards.

For faster bows, try the XB30 Compact 2-8X36 SR crossbow scope. It is similar to the 1.5-6 power XB30 Compact but has a little more power and a variation of the XB30 Compact SR Reticle to work with higher crossbow speeds from 250 fps through 475 fps. It has a field of view of 65.7 to 16.4ft at 100 yards.

For ultra-fast target acquisition, try the XB30 Pro 1-5X24 SR crossbow scope. Like the rest of the XB30 line, it is built on a 30mm chassis. It has a fixed parallax and a stepless rheostat with red illumination for ultimate low-light vision. It uses the XB30 Pro Reticle where the crosshair represents 2-inches across at the corresponding distance. Range finding bars are floating to keep the field of view clear. This reticle features brackets of 4 inches and 8 inches on the 20-yard horizontal line, plus further 4-inch brackets on dot markings out to 60 yards. This reticle works on crossbows shooting speeds from 215fps through 450 fps.

These scopes are built on 30mm monotube chassis and feature metal, flip-up scope covers. Each is nitrogen-purged, shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof, and carries Hawke’s legendary Lifetime Warranty, so it can handle whatever you throw at it while giving you the peace of mind of knowing it is backed by the best warranty in the business.

About Hawke
#VISIONACCOMPLISHED. Hawke is a worldwide market leader at the forefront of optical performance with class-leading innovation and design offering a complete line of sport optics from rifle, crossbow, shotgun and air gun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Accuracy, strength, and precision; Hawke optics blend iconic design, exceptional engineering, and unrivalled craftsmanship to create an unforgettable viewing experience. As awareness of Hawke Sport Optics continues to grow, more customers are trusting Hawke as the unquestioned industry leader in optics. Learn more at

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