How to Join the 1871 Club and Get Field & Stream Magazine

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In case you hadn’t heard the big news: We’re bringing back Field & Stream magazine—in print! Unlike the previous version of the print magazine, this one will not be available for sale on newsstands. The only way to get the magazine is to become a member of our all-new 1871 Club.

How to Join the 1871 Club—a Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Visit our 1871 Club Membership page.
  • Step 2: Choose from our three membership options: The Hobbyist, Legacy Member, or Founders Circle. (Note: Only those who join as either a Legacy Member or Founders Circle will receive the new print magazine.)
  • Step 3: Kick back and enjoy the perks and pluses that come with being a member of the coolest new club in town—the 1817 Club.

Want to Learn More about the 1871 Club?

You can find out more about how membership to the 1871 Club works on our FAQ page, but here are some answers to a few of the more commonly asked questions:

What is the 1871 Club?

The 1871 Club is our new membership program that celebrates Field & Stream’s heritage and showcases our best stories. It’s also where we offer readers with the exclusive privilege of receiving a bi-annual print magazine. We won’t be selling our magazine at newsstands, so you’ll have to join the 1871 Club to get it!  The 1871 Club goes beyond a traditional membership: It’s a journey into exclusive F&S+ online content, limited members-only products, enhanced access to outdoor experiences and benefits, and a commitment to give back to the outdoor community. As a member, you’ll also have access to exclusive deals, offers, and discounts on gear and experiences from us and our partners. 

How many magazine issues are included in my Membership?

Founders Circle and Legacy Members of the 1871 Club will receive two issues per year—spring and fall editions. The Hobbyist members can purchase individual issues of the magazine a few months before they are published. Each F&S issue is a collector’s item, spanning over 100 pages and presented in a large 11X14 format with stunning photography and the adventure stories that have made Field & Stream a household favorite for over a century. 

When will I receive the first issue of my magazine?

That depends on when you sign up. To receive the spring issue, you’ll need to be a member by March 1. To receive the fall issue, you’ll need to be a member by August 1. More details will be available in your 1871 Club Membership welcome letter and through email.

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