Hayman Safe Company Presents the Minuteman Magnum Quick-Access Gun Safe

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Traditional gun vaults are ideal for secure, long-term storage of firearms and ammunition. They are not, though, designed to be part of a tactical response system in an emergency, such as a home invasion. That is why Hayman Safe Company developed the Minuteman quick-access gun safes.

Part of the Minuteman series, the Minuteman Magnum (#MM 5020 E) is the stand-alone big brother to the in-wall-mounted Minuteman (MM 4814 E). The Minuteman Magnum’s mission is to provide both safe firearm storage and lightning-quick access to your defensive long guns or handguns in the most convenient locations in the home.

Built from a 1/8-inch formed steel body and a 3/16-inch formed steel door and featuring a tough gray powdercoat finish, the Minuteman Magnum can be secured to any floor or wall. Its small 20×12-inch footprint and low 50-inch height makes this safe ideal for placement in a living room, hallway, bedroom, or anywhere you need fast, strategic access to your defensive weapons.

The Minuteman utilizes a limited-range tilt-out door that is secured via a deadlocking boltwork. The UL listed electronic locking system comes standard with a programmable keypad or choose the programmable keypad with the optional biometric lock system. Long guns may be stored secured to the inside of the door in a muzzle-down attitude for safe retrieval or along the back wall of the safe. An adjustable shelf system on the door can accommodate guns up to 39 inches in length while a hook-and-loop strap system keeps the guns firmly in place and easy to retrieve.

Understanding that most home invasions and break-ins occur at night, the Minuteman Magnum includes a self-illuminating strip along the keypad recess to provide discrete visual identification in low light conditions. To see the safe contents, a motion-sensor light located in the top of the safe turns on when the door is opened, so there is no fumbling in the dark during a high-adrenaline crisis.

With its ability to store one long gun in the door and several along the back wall, and a hook-and-loop system that also permits handgun and accessory storage like lights and extra magazines, the Minuteman Magnum is the perfect choice for defense-minded homeowners looking to keep themselves and their families safe.

To learn more about the Minuteman Magnum or other firearm security solutions from Hayman Safe Company, visit HaymanSafe.com.

About Hayman Safe Company: Established in 1971, Hayman Safe Company is a second-generation, family-owned manufacturer headquartered in Oviedo, Florida. For over 50 years, the company has been committed to the development and production of the highest-quality residential and commercial safes and vaults. With its standalone, in-wall, and in-floor security solutions, Hayman Safe Company offers a broad range of premium safes and vaults for everything from small-item valuables and documents to firearms. To learn more, visit HaymanSafe.com.

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