Gear Review: Minus33 White Mountain Woolen Shirt

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At 53 years old, fast fashion is lost on me completely. In fact, my entire world is focused and driven by a little bit of minimalism in my life. This rings true especially in regards to fashion, I am consistently working on purchasing pants, shirts and jackets that I know will be with me for the remainder of my life. My goal in life is that I have a closet full of great items that my kids will fight over when I am gone.

The Sportsman Shirt White Mountain Woolen from Minus33 is one of those pieces that I was happy to add to my collection this year. I picked up this shirt after a trip to Boise, Idaho in Charcoal Grey and over the remainder of the fall and my hunting season and even through this winter this has been my go to shirt to throw on over a t-shirt or base layer anytime I am heading outside. At almost 2 pounds it is about the same or lighter than a hoody and it looks twice as good. It is roomy and comfortable and as at home on the prairie as it is in snow or out on the town for the evening.

The Minus33 White Mountain Woolen Shirt is made from 80% fine wool that is soft and comfortable. The first time I took this out into the real world was on a flight across the country and sitting in the window aisle, it was warm enough that I could take the shirt off, ball it up and use it as a pillow for my head and face. It’s soft and not scratchy so it is not your grandfathers itchy woolen shirt from way back when.

The button up design of this shirt makes it easy to grab and go and throw on over what you are wearing. I am partial to the charcoal grey but you have options with a red or green plaid color as well and depending upon your style those might be options for you. I like a more subdued look and I am looking for items that are going to stand the test of time for generations to come.

This shirt is not a cheap addition to your wardrobe but thinking seriously about it as an investment and you can quickly see the value of owning something that you can quickly throw on in just about any situation. I have hunted with this shirt and walked into meetings with it or worn it out on the town for date night with a pair of jeans.

This shirt certainly has the chops to be your outer layer when hunting in temperatures from 30°F to 60°F and if you are seriously active even below those temperatures. However around freezing temperatures where I see this shirt really shine is as my mid-layer between a base-layer and my outer-layer jacket as pure warm and soft insulation. It works well, wicks moisture and if I need to shed my jacket to cool off or open up a few buttons to create airflow, I can easily do that. The old timers knew a thing or two when they all had wool shirts but they just didn’t have the soft feel that Minus33 has been able to create with this wool and poly blended shirt.

While you are shopping around Minus33 don’t sleep on their outstanding full cushion socks, base layers and my absolute favorite fingerless wool gloves.

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