Cox Arms USA’s EMR-1

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San Tan Valley, Arizona

Adhering to its motto of “When Mil-Spec’s Not Enough” Cox Arms USA introduces the EMR-1 (Every Man’s Rifle). This rifle has been built to provide the American people with a fighting rifle that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The EMR-1 is an American-made feature-rich rifle with quality parts not found on many other more expensive rifles on the market.

The EMR-1 starts with a 7075-T6 Aluminum forged receiver set. Inside the upper, Cox Arms uses an Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. These BCGs go through both MPI and HPT to ensure quality. The EMR-1 has a mid-length gas system with a 16-inch government profile 5.56 NATO, 1:7 twist, 4150 CrMoV barrel. Cox Arms USA takes time to ensure the durability of the EMR-1. One example of that is Rocksetting the screws in the gas block. Over the barrel is a 13-inch Lightweight Anti-rotation, Steel-on-Steel Retention Handguard. The barrel is finished with the Cox Arms USA’s High Performance “Battle Brake” Muzzle Device. The Battle Brake is the gold standard in muzzle devices. Another example of the quality and high-performance design of the gun is the inclusion of an Elftmann Tactical trigger. The Elf-SE trigger has a pull weight of only 3.5-pounds and is set inside an enhanced trigger guard for a sleek complimentary look. The EMR-1 has both an ambidextrous safety as well as an ambidextrous charging handle to make operation easier. Following the ease of operation idea, Cox Arms USA has also designed a double-beveled magwell for easier and faster reloads. Finishing the gun out is the B5 Systems P-23 grip and Bravo stock with six-position adjustment; this furniture will be available in five different colors that the customer can choose from (Black, Coyote Brown, Wolf Grey, OD Green, and FDE). Other notable features of the EMR-1 include an upgraded H1 buffer, a threaded pin for the bolt catch, a threaded pin for the forward assist, captured rear take-down pin detent/spring, and an upper receiver tension screw. Coming in at only 6.6 pounds, it is an exceptional rifle that can serve a spectrum of needs. 

Michael Cox of Cox Arms USA states “In a world where people think they’re getting ten pieces of real chicken for $0.99 and quality AR-15s for $299, we set out to create an all American-Made AR-15 that is financially obtainable to pretty much everyone. We do understand that not everyone has a $2,000 budget, so we set out to create a more affordable, feature-rich rifle made with quality parts that even some of the higher-end rifles don’t have. It’s very important to us that our company provides our customers with the best products possible for the money, knowing that your life may depend on it!

About Cox Arms USA

Cox Arms USA is a firearms manufacturer based in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Veteran-owned and operated; Cox Arms USA has built a reputation for building custom quality rifles for customers ranging from law enforcement agencies to everyday Americans. Their commitment to quality is unmatched. They were selected to be part of the prestigious 2023 Ballistics Best where they placed in the top three and have been featured in multiple articles. Cox Arms USA has enjoyed unparalleled success and continues to expand its offerings.

To learn more, visit Or contact them at: [email protected]

Cox Arms USA EMR-1 Specs:

100% American Made
7075-T6 Aluminum Forged Upper/Lower
Type III Hardcoat Anodized
16inch Govt. Profile 5.56 NATO, 1:7 twist, 4150 CrMoV barrel
Mid-length gas system
Gas Block Screws are Rocksett
Elftmann Tactical trigger (3.5-pound)
Enhanced Trigger Guard
Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (8620 Carrier/9310 bolt, MPI, HPT) 
Cox Arms USA “Battle Brake” Muzzle Device  
Ambidextrous Safety
Ambidextrous Charging Handle
B5 Systems furniture with Six-position Adjustment (Five color options)
Upgraded H1 Buffer
13-inch Lightweight Anti-rotation, Steel-on-Steel Retention Handguard
Double beveled magwell for easier reloads.
Threaded pin for Bolt Catch
Threaded pin for Forward Assist
Captured Rear Take-Down Pin Detent and Spring
Upper Receiver Tension Screw
One 30-round PMag
Range Bag 
6.6lbs Overall Weight
Lifetime Guarantee
$1,099.00 Retail / MAP

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