Chestnut Hill Outdoors Apples and Crabapples

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By themselves or as a supplement to food plots, mast orchards can attract and hold more wildlife on any property. One benefit of orchards is that they require less effort to maintain once established. They also add more diversity; by planting the right combination and variety of mast trees can significantly widen the window of attractiveness to any land.

Most people think of mast orchards as nut-producing trees like chestnuts and oaks. But soft mast producers, like apple and crabapple trees, add greater diversity to wildlife banquets, providing fruit and appeal to a different and broader variety of wildlife species during the seasons.


Chestnut Hill Outdoors offers an assortment of apples, each differing in chilling requirement, the degree of winter temperatures necessary to induce the tree to break dormancy and begin flowering and bearing. They list the Plant Hardiness Zones that each variety is best suited for, and they offer some older varieties that are disease-resistant, so they require less attention.

Below is a comparison of the different species of apples Chestnut Hill Outdoors offers.


Furthermore, they offer several native varieties of crabapples that require virtually no care or maintenance. Crabapples exhibit high survival rates due to their placement in the natural environments where they have evolved over eons, encompassing soil, moisture, and temperature.

Another nice thing about apples and crabapples is that they begin bearing fruit relatively quickly, often 3-5 years, depending on the species. Chestnut Hill Outdoors has selected varieties with longer ripening times. They hold their fruit longer, so deer and other wildlife return to feed throughout the fall, from September through December.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors is more than just a nursery. To ensure the maximum benefit from their products, they provide sound advice and instruction for on-site preparation, planting, maintenance, training, and pruning of apple and crabapple trees. For more on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit or call (855) 386-7826.

About Chestnut Hill Outdoors

Chestnut Hill Outdoors is the best place to purchase food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different-sized plants at different levels of growth. To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from their products, they also provide sound advice and instruction on proper planting and care. For more on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit or call (855) 386-7826.

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