Breaking Clays, Breaking Barriers: A New Shoot United™ Short Film

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Shoot United launches Breaking Clays, Breaking Barriers, a new short film that explores the lives of Paralympic athlete, Sophia Bultema, and world-renowned Sporting Clays athlete, Anthony Matarese Jr.

“The primary goal of Shoot United is to spread the positivity of the shooting sports,” said Jason Gilbertson, director of marketing for Shoot United. “The stories of Sophia and Anthony are inspirational. Their shooting sports journeys are an illustration of where heart and hustle can take people in the shooting sports. It’s an honor to share their stories with the world.”

The videos can be accessed on as well as on the Shoot United YouTube channel.

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About Shoot United

Shoot United™ is a dynamic initiative designed to promote all that’s wholesome and healthful about the shooting sports and responsible firearm ownership. It’s time spent outdoors with family and friends. It’s competition. It’s one of the most fun and safe recreational activities in the country. The mission is to drive awareness and activate new participants to the sport by sharing engaging and educational content as well as providing resources where people can learn how to participate in the shooting sports and hunting activities. 

Shoot United: Committed to Safe, Legal and Responsible Firearm Use

Shoot United is committed to safe, legal and responsible firearm use. Shoot United supports key groups like the National Shooting Sports Foundation on a variety of topics important to our industry including training and education, and specific programs such as Gun Owners Care and Project ChildSafe. Shoot United will continue to support programs, organizations and individuals that promote hunting and shooting sports activities in a positive and responsible environment. Any use of firearms by youth participants should be done under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.

About Gun Owners Care

Gun owners care. You care about safety. You care about preventing unauthorized access to firearms. You care about bettering your community, helping those in need and conserving wildlife and wild places for generations to come. It’s time for gun owners to tell their stories, to show how they’re making a difference. NSSF®, the trade association for the firearms industry, has established the Gun Owners Care campaign to unite gun owners and the firearms industry in this common cause. Visit for more information.

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